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Postcard from Thailand - a polluted paradise

Greenpeace International - س, 10/30/1416 - 07:44

The tiny island of Koh Samet is about 2 km off the coast of the Thai mainland and has the long pale beaches, forests and beautiful geography made famous by the 2000 hit film, The Beach

Right now though the fine, white sands of the island and clear, blue waters that surround it are being turned sticky and black by crude oil which spurted out of a pipeline operated by PTT Global Chemical.

The spill started Saturday morning from about 20 kilometres southeast of the Map Ta Phut seaport on the southern shore of the mainland. PTT, the state-owned administrator of PTT Global Chemical, tried to downplay the full extent of the leak by claiming that the oil slick had "effectively been dissolved".

This claim proved to be untrue after unrefined crude started blackening the immaculate beaches of Koh Samet as PTT Global Chemical admitted 50,000 litres of unrefined crude had been spilled into the waters of Phrao Bay.

Making matters worse, Thailand is not capable of handling the oil spill, Deputy Premier Plodprasop Suraswadi conceded to the Bangkok Post. Speaking via a government spokesman, he added that authorities should seek help from nearby Singapore.

For a region identified by Greenpeace Southeast Asia Thailand Programme Manager Ply Pirom as the "nation’s food basket", this news is bleak.

Bleaker still when you realise that this spill is just one of more than 200 spills that have happened in Thai waters in the past three decades, effectively putting the region's ecosystem in the crossfire of big oil companies and meagre oil spill mitigation resources.

Greenpeace East Asia has been closely monitoring the situation and have deployed a rapid response team to document the impact of the spill, particularly in the National Marine Park area that includes Koh Samet.

Greenpeace is now demanding that PTT Global Chemical be held financially liable for the cost of cleaning and restoring the natural environment and is mobilising the public through an online petition. It's time for the Thai government to review its energy policy and put an end to oil drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Thailand.

The paradox of a country known for its staggering natural beauty but still heavily reliant on fossil fuels in its energy policy is counterintuitive. Especially when the availability of affordable, clean, renewable energy is taken into consideration. 

It is up to us all to put pressure on policymakers, oil companies and their shareholders to end our reliance on fossil fuels. It may be too late to draw a line in the oil-soaked sands of Koh Samet – as we have in the ice in the Arctic – but we can rally to make this the last oil spill we see.

You can help by signing our petition.

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South Korea tramples human rights and ignores lessons from Fukushima

Greenpeace International - س, 10/30/1416 - 07:44

Today is the International Human Rights Day and what better way to mark it than by launching a court case against injustice in South Korea.

With so many countries moving away from nuclear power in recent decades, and many more rushing to abandon it in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, South Korea remains one of the last withered feathers in the nuclear industry’s cap. Both the South Korean government and the industry are fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way by silencing criticism.

Since establishing an office in Seoul in April 2011, Greenpeace East Asia has witnessed the South Korean government’s willingness to ignore the lessons of Fukushima and has experienced first hand its efforts to silence those speaking out against its nuclear programme.

Between November 2011 and October 2012 six Greenpeace East Asia and Greenpeace International staff were denied entry to South Korea. They were flown back to where they came from and given no official or personal explanation as to why. Official inquiries and freedom of information requests have been met with a similar stony silence.

The only option left open to us was to challenge the government’s actions in blocking our staff from entering the country in court, which we did today.

Challenging the South Korean government’s unjust actions is important, as Greenpeace is not alone in facing this treatment. Other groups, including South Korea’s People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), have been met with similar tactics when they began speaking out.

“Similar to Greenpeace's anti-nuclear campaign staff, at least 25 peace activists opposing the construction of the Jeju naval base were deported or denied entry since 2011,” said Gayoon Baek, a coordinator of the International Solidarity Committee at PSPD, while standing in solidarity with us at the court today.

"The South Korean government is increasingly using denial of entry as a means to crush activist criticism – a clear violation of the internationally recognised right to freedom of assembly and expression.”

As a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), South Korea has an obligation to defend the right to free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of information. Instead, it is choosing to silence those who raise their voices in opposition to its reckless nuclear programme, restricting the information its citizens have access to.

South Korea currently has 21 nuclear reactors, and is planning to build 11 more, despite the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi once again proving the massive risks that this technology poses to public, environmental and economic health.

It is only right that the people of South Korea are given all the information they need to make an informed decision about their collective future. By cracking down on peaceful anti-nuclear groups, the South Korean government is instead cutting them off from the information they need to be properly informed about the risks of nuclear power.

Stopping peaceful NGOs and activists from participating in public debate in this manner is a violation of Article 19 of the ICCPR, is inconsistent with Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is a threat to the integrity of South Korea’s democracy.

With so much invested in its nuclear plants, and with many more reactors planned, it is clear that the nuclear industry has a dangerous choke hold on South Korea’s political system.

To protect the quality of its democracy and to ensure its people have both the necessary information and a choice to move towards a nuclear-free, renewable energy future, the South Korean government must immediately cease its crackdown on those who criticise its policies. It's time for the government to allow the energy discussion debate.

Pino Lee is a nuclear campaigner with Greenpeace East Asia and is based in Seoul, South Korea.


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VA dentist accused of using improperly cleaned tools resigns

Yahoo! News: Health News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:46
TOMAH, Wis. (AP) — A dentist has resigned from his position at a Wisconsin Veterans Affairs hospital amid accusations he treated hundreds of patients with improperly cleaned equipment.
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Reel Big: 112-Pound Catfish Caught in North Carolina

Yahoo! News: Science News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:43

A gigantic, 112-lb. (50 kilograms) catfish was reeled in by a North Carolina man the day before Thanksgiving, according to local news reports. The man, Riahn Brewington, caught the massive fish in the northeast section of Cape Fear River in North Carolina, local ABC affiliate WWAY reported. Brewington said he could tell the catch was big, but he had only a 10-lb. (4.5 kg) line on his fishing rod.

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Flying Robotic Ambulance Completes First Solo Test Flight

Yahoo! News: Science News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:43

Completing such missions in rough terrain or combat zones can be tricky, with helicopters currently offering the best transportation option in most cases. Earlier this month, Israeli company Urban Aeronautics completed a test flight for a robotic flying vehicle that could one day go where helicopters can't. On Nov. 14, the company flew its robotic flyer, dubbed the Cormorant, on the craft's first solo flight over real terrain.

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Nearly 2 Million Lbs of Chicken Recalled - HealthDay

Health - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:42


Nearly 2 Million Lbs of Chicken Recalled
A expanded recall of nearly 2 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products that may be undercooked has been announced by Oklahoma-based National Steak and Poultry, the U.S. Food & Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) says. The initial recall announced ...
2 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken recalled over bacteria concernsNJ.com
National Steak and Poultry recalls Ready-to-Eat Chicken that may be undercookedFOX43.com
USDA Proposes Revisions to Nutritional Fact Panel for Meat and Poultry ProductsLongIsland.com
CNN -just-food.com (subscription) -Lancaster Farming
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Behind the scenes of a 30-player video game theater

Yahoo! News: Technology News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:41

It’s been three rounds, and the inmates of Pixel Prison Blues are having a rough time. My anthropomorphic owl prisoner has gotten locked into a cell block, pacing from side to side as I swipe the touchscreen controller in my hands.

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Contenders, picks for key jobs in Trump's administration

Yahoo! News: Health News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:40
(Reuters) - U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said on Monday he would nominate retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a presidential rival-turned-supporter to serve as Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary. [L1N1E00G0] Below are people mentioned as contenders for senior roles as Trump works to form his administration before taking office on Jan. 20, according to Reuters sources and media reports. See the end of list for posts already filled. ...
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Johnny Gaudreau return ignites Flames offense NHL news and notes - NHL.com

Sports - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:40


Johnny Gaudreau return ignites Flames offense NHL news and notes
Johnny Gaudreau (1-1-2) scored 2:09 into his return from a 10-game absence and the Calgary Flames later scored seven straight goals, including five in a span of 6:04 during the second period, en route to an 8-3 victory against the Anaheim Ducks.
Return of Johnny Gaudreau boosts the Calgary Flames' chances of contending in the tight PacificESPN
NHL scores 2016: Johnny Gaudreau returns to set fire to the Anaheim DucksSB Nation
Dose: The Return of GaudreauYahoo Sports
Los Angeles Times -OCRegister -Calgary Sun -Bismarck Tribune
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Customers report issues with AT&T app - The Columbian

Sci/Tech - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:38


Customers report issues with AT&T app
The Columbian
Many people eager to test out AT&T's new online video app, DirecTV Now, are finding that the service has a few kinks that need ironing out. The company's forums and social media accounts have all been flooded with complaints since the app's Nov.
FCC Sends Letters to AT&T And Verizon: Says Free Data Service A Rip-Off? Asks Companies To ExplainNews Every day
How Trump Should Regulate the InternetMultichannel News (blog)
FCC slams Verizon and AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) for violating net neutralityBenchmark Monitor
Top Tech News -Salon -Business Insider -CNET
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Watch the new SNL sketch that had Donald Trump fuming on Twitter

Yahoo! News: Technology News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:35
In what has already become a predictable routine, Saturday Night Live over the weekend poked fun at Donald Trump's foibles, subsequently prompting the President-elect to thrash the program via, what else, his Twitter account. Funny enough, the entire premise of Saturday Night Live's cold open this past weekend centered on Trump's proclivity to communicate via Twitter, not to mention his recent decision to retweet something initially sent out by a 16-year old from California. DON'T MISS:  You get one last chance to buy a NES Classic Edition before Christmas The sketch begins with a High School-aged boy named Seth who is startled to discover that he's been retweeted by none other than Donald Trump, once again played dutifully by Alec Baldwin. During the course of a security briefing, Trump ignores more pressing matters and exclaims to Kellyanne Conway: "Kellyanne, I just retweeted the best tweet. I mean, what a great, smart tweet." After promising to stop tweeting to focus on more serious topics, Trump simply can't control himself, ultimately retweeting a few other messages from random citizens across the country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI3g_laToxE Of course, the overarching theme of the sketch is that Trump is wholly unprepared to take on the responsibilities of the Oval Office while simultaneously being uniquely unqualified to handle important international flare-ups across the globe. Not too long after the sketch aired, Trump predictably and non-ironically took to Twitter to lambast the show for another job poorly done. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/805278955150471168 Funny enough, Trump has made a habit out of blasting SNL yet he can't seem to stop watching the show. In fact, Trump, during the run up to this year's election, tweeted that SNL was part of a broader media effort to rig the election, not before stating the the show itself should essentially be taken off the air. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/787612552654155776 It's going to be an interesting four years, folks.
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U.N. launches record $22.2 billion humanitarian appeal for 2017

Yahoo! News: Health News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:33

By Umberto Bacchi LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The United Nations launched a record humanitarian appeal on Monday, asking for $22.2 billion in 2017 to help almost 93 million people hit by conflicts and natural disasters. More than half of the money will be used to address the needs of people caught up in crises in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and South Sudan, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said. "The scale of humanitarian crises today is greater than at any time since the United Nations was founded," U.N. humanitarian chief Stephen O'Brien said in a statement.

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Raiders punter Marquette King calls out Bills' 'snitch' on Twitter - FOXSports.com

Sports - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:33


Raiders punter Marquette King calls out Bills' 'snitch' on Twitter
King did a dance with a flag on Sunday, and he knows who ratted him out. By Cameron DaSilva Dec 5, 2016 at 9:01a ET. 0shares. There's a new movement in the NFL, and it involves punters. The most overlooked position in football is making a strong ...
Watch Raiders punter pick up penalty flag, do dance with it, get flagged himself (Video)Yahoo Sports
Raiders special teams make special plays in victoryThe Mercury News
Raiders punter Marquette King danced with a penalty flag for roughing the punterWashington Post
SB Nation -CBSSports.com -USA TODAY -Bleacher Report
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Final Fantasy 15 review: A curio, not a classic - Ars Technica

Sci/Tech - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:30

Ars Technica

Final Fantasy 15 review: A curio, not a classic
Ars Technica
Built on the skeleton of another game, FFXV gets a lot right, but cracks still show. Simon Parkin (UK) - 12/5/2016, 5:57 AM. Enlarge · reader comments 3. Share this story. Game Details. Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PS4, Xbox ...
Final Fantasy 15 Had The Second Biggest UK Launch In The History Of The FranchiseGame Rant
Final Fantasy XV ReviewAttack of the Fanboy
Let's take one more look at Final Fantasy XIII Versus' trailersTechnoBuffalo
Windows Central -VentureBeat -Gamenguide -GQ Magazine
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Plume’s pint-sized Wi-Fi pods are now available

Yahoo! News: Technology News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:30

Plume is announcing today that its Adaptive WiFi system is now available for purchase, following pre-orders earlier this summer. Plume is a mesh-based home Wi-Fi system that uses compact "pods" to provide coverage in every room of your home. Like Eero and other mesh systems, Plume is meant to prevent signal drops and dead spots in your home.

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Panasonic in talks to buy ZKW to accelerate push into auto electronics-source

Yahoo! News: Technology News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:29

By Makiko Yamazaki TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Panasonic Corp is in talks to buy European automotive light maker ZKW Group, accelerating its push into the automotive electronics market, a person familiar with the matter said. An acquisition of ZKW would expand Panasonic's automotive lineup, which currently centers on batteries and navigation systems, as it shifts its focus to corporate clients to escape price competition from lower-margin consumer electronics manufacturers. Panasonic said in a statement the reported deal was not something it had announced, and declined to comment further.

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Study raises questions over benefit of Roche's Gazyva cancer drug

Yahoo! News: Health News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:25

By John Miller ZURICH (Reuters) - Roche's Gazyva cancer drug did not show a significant overall survival benefit and raised greater safety concerns than its predecessor Rituxan, a study showed, raising doubts over the Swiss pharmaceuticals group's bid to replace a key blockbuster. Gazyva is used with the chemotherapy drug bendamustine to treat follicular lymphoma (FL) and Roche is counting on it to help mitigate the impact of biosimilars on Rituxan, whose patents expired this year.. Roche failed to find a follow-up drug to its Avastin blockbuster this year and faces competition from rivals including Novartis whose Sandoz generics unit is hot on Rituxan's heels. An analysis released at the weekend meeting of the American Society of Hematology found that for patients with previously untreated FL, those getting Gazyva and bendamustine showed a 94 percent overall survival rate at three years.

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Pfizer's blood cancer drug Bosulif effective in untreated patients - Reuters

Health - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:20


Pfizer's blood cancer drug Bosulif effective in untreated patients
The Pfizer logo is seen at their world headquarters in New York April 28, 2014. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File photo. Pfizer Inc said on Monday its cancer drug, Bosulif, was found effective in a late-stage study on previously untreated patients with a form ...
Pfizer Reports Positive Top-Line Results For Phase 3 BFORE Study Of BOSULIFRTT News
Pfizer and Avillion Announce Positive Top-Line Results for Phase 3 BFORE Study of BOSULIF for First-Line Treatment ...Business Wire (press release)

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Australian high school students 'show up' Martin Shkreli, re-creating price-hiked pill for $2 - Chicago Tribune

Health - Google News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:17

Chicago Tribune

Australian high school students 'show up' Martin Shkreli, re-creating price-hiked pill for $2
Chicago Tribune
Martin Shkreli, former chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, arrives at United States Federal courthouse in Brooklyn on October 14, 2016. Martin Shkreli, former chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, arrives at United States Federal courthouse ...
Australian students re-create life-saving drug...WDIV Detroit
Australian School Boys Just Exposed Big Pharma's Price GougingCare2.com
Open Source Malaria helps students with proof of concept toxoplasmosis pillGeektime
Vanguard -GMA News -Newshub -Business Insider
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Consolidated Communications to buy FairPoint in $1.5 billion deal

Yahoo! News: Technology News - د, 09/15/1395 - 18:17
(Reuters) - Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc said on Monday it would buy broadband service provider FairPoint Communications Inc in an all-stock deal valued at $1.5 billion, including debt. Consolidated's acquisition of FairPoint marks the fifth such deal in the last two months as growing demand for data and video services drives companies to expand their fiber optic networks in newer regions. Shareholders of FairPoint will receive 0.73 shares of Consolidated for each share held.
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