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Postcard from Thailand - a polluted paradise

Greenpeace International - س, 10/30/1416 - 07:44

The tiny island of Koh Samet is about 2 km off the coast of the Thai mainland and has the long pale beaches, forests and beautiful geography made famous by the 2000 hit film, The Beach

Right now though the fine, white sands of the island and clear, blue waters that surround it are being turned sticky and black by crude oil which spurted out of a pipeline operated by PTT Global Chemical.

The spill started Saturday morning from about 20 kilometres southeast of the Map Ta Phut seaport on the southern shore of the mainland. PTT, the state-owned administrator of PTT Global Chemical, tried to downplay the full extent of the leak by claiming that the oil slick had "effectively been dissolved".

This claim proved to be untrue after unrefined crude started blackening the immaculate beaches of Koh Samet as PTT Global Chemical admitted 50,000 litres of unrefined crude had been spilled into the waters of Phrao Bay.

Making matters worse, Thailand is not capable of handling the oil spill, Deputy Premier Plodprasop Suraswadi conceded to the Bangkok Post. Speaking via a government spokesman, he added that authorities should seek help from nearby Singapore.

For a region identified by Greenpeace Southeast Asia Thailand Programme Manager Ply Pirom as the "nation’s food basket", this news is bleak.

Bleaker still when you realise that this spill is just one of more than 200 spills that have happened in Thai waters in the past three decades, effectively putting the region's ecosystem in the crossfire of big oil companies and meagre oil spill mitigation resources.

Greenpeace East Asia has been closely monitoring the situation and have deployed a rapid response team to document the impact of the spill, particularly in the National Marine Park area that includes Koh Samet.

Greenpeace is now demanding that PTT Global Chemical be held financially liable for the cost of cleaning and restoring the natural environment and is mobilising the public through an online petition. It's time for the Thai government to review its energy policy and put an end to oil drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Thailand.

The paradox of a country known for its staggering natural beauty but still heavily reliant on fossil fuels in its energy policy is counterintuitive. Especially when the availability of affordable, clean, renewable energy is taken into consideration. 

It is up to us all to put pressure on policymakers, oil companies and their shareholders to end our reliance on fossil fuels. It may be too late to draw a line in the oil-soaked sands of Koh Samet – as we have in the ice in the Arctic – but we can rally to make this the last oil spill we see.

You can help by signing our petition.

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South Korea tramples human rights and ignores lessons from Fukushima

Greenpeace International - س, 10/30/1416 - 07:44

Today is the International Human Rights Day and what better way to mark it than by launching a court case against injustice in South Korea.

With so many countries moving away from nuclear power in recent decades, and many more rushing to abandon it in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, South Korea remains one of the last withered feathers in the nuclear industry’s cap. Both the South Korean government and the industry are fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way by silencing criticism.

Since establishing an office in Seoul in April 2011, Greenpeace East Asia has witnessed the South Korean government’s willingness to ignore the lessons of Fukushima and has experienced first hand its efforts to silence those speaking out against its nuclear programme.

Between November 2011 and October 2012 six Greenpeace East Asia and Greenpeace International staff were denied entry to South Korea. They were flown back to where they came from and given no official or personal explanation as to why. Official inquiries and freedom of information requests have been met with a similar stony silence.

The only option left open to us was to challenge the government’s actions in blocking our staff from entering the country in court, which we did today.

Challenging the South Korean government’s unjust actions is important, as Greenpeace is not alone in facing this treatment. Other groups, including South Korea’s People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), have been met with similar tactics when they began speaking out.

“Similar to Greenpeace's anti-nuclear campaign staff, at least 25 peace activists opposing the construction of the Jeju naval base were deported or denied entry since 2011,” said Gayoon Baek, a coordinator of the International Solidarity Committee at PSPD, while standing in solidarity with us at the court today.

"The South Korean government is increasingly using denial of entry as a means to crush activist criticism – a clear violation of the internationally recognised right to freedom of assembly and expression.”

As a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), South Korea has an obligation to defend the right to free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of information. Instead, it is choosing to silence those who raise their voices in opposition to its reckless nuclear programme, restricting the information its citizens have access to.

South Korea currently has 21 nuclear reactors, and is planning to build 11 more, despite the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi once again proving the massive risks that this technology poses to public, environmental and economic health.

It is only right that the people of South Korea are given all the information they need to make an informed decision about their collective future. By cracking down on peaceful anti-nuclear groups, the South Korean government is instead cutting them off from the information they need to be properly informed about the risks of nuclear power.

Stopping peaceful NGOs and activists from participating in public debate in this manner is a violation of Article 19 of the ICCPR, is inconsistent with Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is a threat to the integrity of South Korea’s democracy.

With so much invested in its nuclear plants, and with many more reactors planned, it is clear that the nuclear industry has a dangerous choke hold on South Korea’s political system.

To protect the quality of its democracy and to ensure its people have both the necessary information and a choice to move towards a nuclear-free, renewable energy future, the South Korean government must immediately cease its crackdown on those who criticise its policies. It's time for the government to allow the energy discussion debate.

Pino Lee is a nuclear campaigner with Greenpeace East Asia and is based in Seoul, South Korea.


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Shia LaBeouf is using Twitter to hitchhike across the country

Yahoo! News: Technology News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:37

Aspiring artist and Gemini Shia LaBeouf has quite literally taken to the streets in his most recent attempt to prove himself as a performance artist. Here's how it works: over the course of one month, LaBeouf will randomly tweet the GPS coordinates of his present location. Any enterprising people without any more pressing engagements can then go find LaBeouf and his crew, and take them anywhere in the country.

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Canadian golfer Lyon's roar echoes 112 years on

Yahoo! News: Sports News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:37
After pulling off a massive upset over Chandler Egan, who at the time was a 20-year-old reigning U.S. amateur champion, a playful Lyon turned himself upside-down and walked on his hands to receive his Olympic medal and trophy. "We started talking about it again when it was announced that golf was returning to the Olympics and it just sunk in, he's the defending champion. At 18, he set a Canadian record in the pole vault and would go on to represent his country at cricket, scoring 238 not out for his club, which stood as a Canadian record for nearly 40 years.
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Draymond Green is dragging Stephen Curry down with him - SB Nation

Sports - Google News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:35

SB Nation

Draymond Green is dragging Stephen Curry down with him
SB Nation
The Warriors never lack for confidence. That much was evident from the opening tip of Game 4 in Oklahoma City. With Golden State trailing the Thunder 2-1 and coming off a proper drubbing in Game 3, Stephen Curry opened the night with this shot.
Russell Westbrook shoulders load to carry OKC within a game of the FinalsESPN (blog)
Morning shootaround — May 25NBA.com (blog)
Thunder close in on Finals by beating Warriors at their own gameSports Illustrated
Yahoo Sports (blog) -CBSSports.com -USA TODAY -Bleacher Report
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Tragically Hip to begin tour in July despite singer's cancer

Yahoo! News: Entertainment News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:34
TORONTO (AP) — The Tragically Hip will play 11 Canadian shows this summer as part of a tour that's going ahead despite lead singer Gord Downie's incurable brain cancer.
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Sanofi moves to oust Medivation board in $9.3 billion takeover fight

Yahoo! News: Health News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:31
Reuters reported earlier that Sanofi was about to propose a new board line-up, taking advantage of a so-called 'written consent' rule that gives Medivation shareholders the ability to act at any time to replace directors. Sanofi filed documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) seeking the approval of Medivation shareholders for the board's overthrow. "Despite multiple attempts, both prior to and following the public disclosure of Sanofi's proposal, Medivation has thus far refused to engage with us regarding the merits of a value creating transaction," said Sanofi CEO Olivier Brandicourt.
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New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channels

Yahoo! News: Technology News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:30
One of the many reasons cord cutting has grown so popular in recent years is the abundance of video content available online. It would take 1,000 lifetimes to watch all of the videos out there, and the amount of content continues to grow exponentially. But despite all of the great content that's freely available, cord cutters continue to subscribe to pay services like Netflix and Hulu . One reason is obviously to gain access to their content, but there's also another problem with sites like YouTube: It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good content. A newly launched app and website is looking to tackle that problem by offering a curated viewing experience that delivers curated streams of continuous videos that are structured like traditional TV channels. DON'T MISS:  12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today One of the biggest differences between the online viewing experience and the pay TV viewing experience is that the former is active while the latter can be either active or passive. In other words, you can sit down in front of a television and watch content on demand, or you can flip to a channel you enjoy and watch new content that is continuously broadcast. With online video on the other hand, you have to seek out each new video unless you want to rely on YouTube's algorithm-based next feature, which never seems to go very well. A new free service Cornflix TV was created to give viewers a new option when tuning into online videos. Instead of just watching one clip and searching for the next, Cornflix TV offers a series of curated channels that are structured like TV channels. So for example, you can open the Entertainment category to watch continuous feeds of free entertainment shows like The Tonight Show and The Voice . Or flip over to the Food & Drink category and enjoy an experience similar to Food Network. Content can also be further drilled down by channel. Examples include "World's Fuzziest Videos," Top Gear, Red Bull TV, CNN, College Humor, Dude Perfect, BBC Trending and "Today's Funniest Clips." Cornflix TV currently offers 15 broad categories that are home to more than 500 channels. It's available for free on the web at cornflix.tv , or as a free download for the iPhone and iPad , Android devices , and the Apple TV.
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Dinner is Shipped

Yahoo! News: Technology News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:30

For variety, I also signed up for PeachDish, a small, Southern food-specific service, and Purple Carrot, a fairly new vegan service. The website was as usable as the New York State DMV's. Blue Apron also only a few delivery days to choose from, and required a 10-day notice.

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Sri Lankan flood-hit families left with nothing, Red Cross says in emergency appeal

Yahoo! News: Health News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:25

By Magdalena Mis LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Floods in Sri Lanka which have forced more than 350,000 people from their homes have left some families with nothing, the Red Cross said on Wednesday as it launched an emergency appeal to deliver relief to tens of thousands of people in the country. "This disaster hit families living in both rural and urban areas," Igor Dmitryuk, head of office at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Sri Lanka, said in a statement.

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Factbox: What's come out of the World Humanitarian Summit?

Yahoo! News: Health News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:23
The first ever World Humanitarian Summit generated some 1,500 commitments by governments, aid agencies, businesses and others to improve their response to people affected by conflicts and disasters. Here are some reactions: BAN KI-MOON, UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY-GENERAL "It is a bit disappointing that some world leaders could not be here - especially those from the G7 countries, except Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. "It's not the resources - if there is political will, if there is political commitment, then we can handle this matter." WOLFGANG JAMANN, SECRETARY GENERAL, CARE INTERNATIONAL "A lot of smaller initiatives have been launched - like the establishment of NEAR, a new local NGO consortium - and we are positive about the funding commitments made in the 'Grand Bargain' with increased and more flexible funding.
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EU to pursue checks on web platform deals with businesses

Yahoo! News: Technology News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:20

By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission will check on whether it should do more to curb possible unfair practices in the terms of use set by web platforms such as Google, Amazon and Apple Inc's App Store. The Commission also published proposals on Wednesday to make online shopping across borders easier.

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SEC investigating Alibaba's accounting practices

Yahoo! News: Technology News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:19

(Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holding Ltd said it was being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over whether the Chinese e-commerce company's accounting practices violated any federal laws.

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Xhaka: Premier League suits my game - ESPN FC

Sports - Google News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:19


Xhaka: Premier League suits my game
Former Arsenal forward Paul Mariner says Granit Xhaka would be a good fit in the Arsenal midfield. Arsenal's Granit Xhaka says the Premier League should suit him well since he is an aggressive player who likes a fight. Arsenal announced on Wednesday ...
Granit Xhaka to Arsenal: Latest Transfer Details, Reaction and MoreBleacher Report
Did Arsene Wenger lie about Arsenal's striker plans?Playing for 90
Granit Xhaka signs for Arsenal: Where should Gunners strengthen next after midfielder arrives?Evening Standard
The Short Fuse -BBC News -Irish Examiner -Metro
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U.N. condemns killing of Slovakian nun in volatile South Sudan

Yahoo! News: Health News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:18
By Katy Migiro NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The United Nations' most senior humanitarian official in South Sudan denounced on Wednesday the killing of a Slovakian nun who was working as a doctor in the country, where violence is hampering efforts to relieve widespread hunger and sickness. Sister Veronika Racková is the 54th aid worker to be killed in South Sudan since violence erupted in the world's youngest nation in December 2013, the United Nations said. "I am deeply saddened by this senseless act," Eugene Owusu, the U.N.'s humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan said in a statement on Wednesday.
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Akebia: Set To Pop On Kidney Disease Therapy - Seeking Alpha

Health - Google News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:10

Duke Today

Akebia: Set To Pop On Kidney Disease Therapy
Seeking Alpha
We are initiating coverage on Akebia Therapeutics with Buy rating and common share price target of $ 14. Akebia is much under-valued compared to the closest competitor Fibrogen despite similar acting drugs which have shown efficacy in treating anemia ...
Chronic Kidney DiseaseJAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association
High-Salt Diets May Raise Heart Risks for Kidney PatientsU.S. News & World Report
Higher salt intake may increase risk of CVD among patients with chronic kidney disease The JAMA Network JournalsEurekAlert (press release)
CKD News -OnMedica -Duke Today -World Tech Today
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Doctors Spot New Vision Problems in Babies Struck by Zika - U.S. News & World Report

Health - Google News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:07

U.S. News & World Report

Doctors Spot New Vision Problems in Babies Struck by Zika
U.S. News & World Report
WEDNESDAY, May 25, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- New eye problems in babies born with a Zika-related birth defect have been identified by researchers. The virus is known to cause microcephaly, in which infants are born with a smaller-than-normal head and ...
Growing number of problems found in Brazilian babies affected by ZikaUSA TODAY
Concern Zika causes baby eye problemsBBC News
Zika virus may be linked to more eye problems in Brazilian babies with microcephalyEurekAlert (press release)
all 7 news articles »
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New Captain America book suggests he's a member of Hydra

Yahoo! News: Entertainment News - چ, 03/05/1395 - 18:06

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two words no one ever expected Captain America to say? "Hail Hydra."

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