One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste. ... Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Cultural Communication Portal for Children and Young Adults - Rootak

Rootak is a specialized Web Portal in Farsi and English about resources on the culture and literature of children & young adults. Rootak is a gateway to information with directories on a wide range of subjects. By categorizing the subjects, Rootak facilitates access to information and different websites for interested users, especially for students, Parents, teachers, Librarian and researchers. The information on Rootak is divided into 14 categories, including education, children’s literature, arts, sports, entertainment, etc. While categories such as children’s literature provide extensive information others like P4C have relatively limited information.
As a resource website, Rootak has tried to find and select the quality websites with high efficiency. Rootak’s vision is to develop a cyber world in the field of children’s culture and literature in Iran as well as in the Farsi speaking neighboring countries, namely Afghanistan and Tajikistan.